The fourth book in Sandra Hill’s Cajun series serves up laugh-out-loud humor and sizzling romance in equal portions.

The long, hot Louisiana summer just got hotter for Rene LeDeux. He returns home to southern Louisiana after quitting his job in Washington as an environmental lobbyist. Years of battling with the oil industry and land developers have left him completely burnt out, and now all he wants to do is work on his cabin on Bayou Black. But his peace of mind is disrupted by a few things.

One, his great-aunt Tante Lulu is determined to get him hitched. Two, a couple of his activist friends have hatched a plot to bring national attention to their cause to save the bayou. They’ve kidnapped a TV celebrity and brought her to Rene’s cabin. And three, the celebrity is none other than Valerie “Ice” Breux, Rene’s nemesis while growing up.

Now Val’s stranded in Rene’s remote cabin, besieged by irrepressible LeDeux relations, not to mention a dingbat duo out to save the swamp. It’s bad enough being kidnapped, but did she have to land in the lap of the most irritating, sexiest hunk she’s ever laid her eyes on? Val vows she’ll give her heart to the Cajun bad boy when alligators fly. Rene swears to get the girl who got away.

It’s never been steamier in the bayou than with two people this red-hot with desire…and more than ready for love.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews


"Some like it hot and hilarious and Hill delivers both."
Publishers Weekly
Praise for Tall, Dark, and Cajun:

"Fast-moving... the bayou setting filled with humor... The love scenes had me running for a tall glass of iced tea. This is one of those books I wanted to devour in one sitting." --

"If you like your romances hot and spicy and your men the same way, then you will like Tall, Dark, and Cajun... Eccentric characters, witty dialogue, humorous situations... and hot romance... [Hill] perfectly captures the bayou's mystique and makes it come to life." --

"Get ready for hours of laughter, page-turning intrigue, passion, sexy hunks, and danger... Tall, Dark, and Cajun is even better than I dreamed it would be." --
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