Working with us as reviewers and influencers

Forever loves working with bloggers, bookstagrammers, podcasters, Booktubers, and reviewers. We are continually looking to add more book lovers to our database, and can’t wait to hear from you!

Our expectations
We want to work with engaged, genuinely enthusiastic book lovers. It might not seem like much of a requirement but it’s important to us. Your posts may reach thousands, hundreds, or less but as long as you are growing and sharing books in an authentic way, we want to work with you.

How to get started
Subscribe to the monthly “Forever Love Letter” [click here]. These emails include information on new releases, exclusive content about our books and from our authors, review opportunities via a request form, personal recommendations, and more. We keep it fun!

About review copies
Finished copies of our books are available about a month before their release date and the focus will be on sending those (per your requests on the order form) as we are printing less and less physical galleys. (We are caring for the environment!) This means we use NetGalley a lot. That being said, we are always experimenting with different ways to distribute physical galleys.

Note: Because the campaign for each book is different, it is possible not all books on our list will be included in the order form.

How you decide to spotlight books is completely up to you; our reviewer program is voluntary. We understand that every book is not going to be for everyone. No worries if you tried a book and it didn’t work for you. (Reviews do not have to be positive for you to continue with our influencer program; your honest reviews help us to better understand you as a reader.) Maybe you are a mood reader and can’t read in time for release. We love to see reviews post-release week too. Sharing links via our newsletter request form, forwarding them to Forever, and tagging us on social media is a great way to make use aware of your work. We love to share them with our team and with our authors.

Contact us
Add and to your contacts to make sure you are receiving all correspondence. We are always around to answer questions. Don’t be shy.