Meet the Twelve Dogs of Christmas

As Furry Friends Rescue prepares to close its doors at the end of the year, please consider opening your home to one of these new pals. You’re sure to find your perfect match.

Partridge: One of the stars of The Twelve Dogs of Christmas, Partridge is a droopy bulldog with an adorable underbite, a smushy lopsided face with different sized eyes and a distinct propensity toward drool, but what he lacks in aesthetics he more than makes up in loyalty, sweetness and affection. Likes: treats, naps, and belly rubs. Be prepared for him to sit on your feet, lean against your legs, and gaze up at you adoringly in the hope that treats might fall from your pockets.

Maximus: Mostly Irish wolfhound, a little bit Great Dane, Maximus is a very big boy – with very big heart.  He might be the size of a small pony, but he still thinks he makes an excellent lap dog – and you won’t be able to resist this big ole baby, but be prepared for a 140-pound wrecking ball of love.

Harry:  Harry may sound like an odd name for a female Australian Shepherd mix, but this Houdini knows how to open doors, and delights in staging jailbreaks for her fellow Furry Friends residents…and then herding them up and down the aisles of the shelter. With her beautiful merle colorings, she’s perfect for anyone looking for a very smart puppy, provided you can also handle her bouncy, energetic ways and support her “fetch” habit.

Fred & Ginger: This bonded pair of senior dachshunds are completely codependent on one another, but completely adorable. You’ll often find them curled together beneath their blanket in one long lump. Live in an apartment and looking for lower energy cuddle-bugs? She’s got a bad back, so no stairs for Ginger and a ramp will help her if she’s allowed up on the couch – but these two sweeties with their eyes liquid with love will be just what your heart needs this Christmas.

JoJo:  This tiny papillon has moxie. Don’t tell her she isn’t just as big and tough as the wolfhound next door.  She may be only nine pounds of fluff, with little tufts on the tips of her ears, but she’s all heart and ready for her forever home.

Captain America: Smart, sweet, eager to please, Captain America is a golden retriever with a heart of gold.  Good with kids and other dogs, he’s a great doggie ambassador and would be the perfect addition to any home.

Peanut: Short on space, but long on love? Peanut is a Chihuahua who will fit into the palm of your hand—just the right size to love. He’s hard of hearing and knows a few signs, but what he loves most is to be taken wherever you go in a little sling so he can see the world and cuddle close to your heart.

Trapper: Trapper may only have one good eye, but that’s never slowed this Jack Russell Terrier down. He acts like a grumpy old man, unimpressed by the antics of the younger pups at Furry Friends, but he’s clever and active and quick to learn.

Biscuit: This black mutt with a tan belly is a big ball of love. Careful, Biscuit likes to bring you prizes – he may be so happy to see you he’ll drag an entire dog bed to greet you.

Jelly: Jelly is just bundle of exuberance.  This Jelly is the color of peanut butter—part yellow lab, part pit bull, and one hundred percent lovable. With his high energy, he thrives with a lot of space to run and can’t contain his delight when he sees you. He’ll wiggle with joy – and wiggle right into your heart.

Daisy: Daisy is 30 pounds of pure mutt. This little girl is cautious around strangers and sometimes has an overactive bladder when she’s too excited or nervous, but once she gets comfortable around you, she’ll love you with absolute devotion.

Dolce: The thirteenth dog of The Twelve Dogs of Christmas, Dolce arrived at the shelter during the holiday season, about to have puppies, but this silky sweet spaniel mix – part cocker, part cavalier king Charles – will need a home of her own when the holiday season is over. She’s shy around strangers, but this little love is all cuddles once you give her a bit of time to warm up to you – and you’ve never petted fur so soft.